Don Steward Session February 24th 2018

CAE5AD0D-B179-45EF-99E4-2576503C5EFFAs you may (or may not) know, I am Branch Secretary for the Joint MA/ATM Branch here in the East Midlands. Our next session is with Don Steward on Saturday February 24th 2018. Details are as follows:

School mathematics is an interconnected subject, an elegant whole. Arguably, as the National Curriculum implores, it is most helpful for students to be able to shift fluently between representations of mathematical ideas – so they feel their attainment is lifted and to enhance a personal appreciation of the subject. This session aims toilluminate the nature of the subject by linking skills, concepts and problem solving approaches within a range of tasks. In this foray, an intertwining of numerical operations, algebraic symbolism and related diagrams ought to be clear and some relevant wisdom from (ancient) history knitted in.

The link to sign up for this session is here:

Cost for the session are as follows:
Teachers £5.35 + £1 Booking fee = £6.35
Students £3.14 + £0.84 Booking fee = £3.98

Bookstalls will be available at break. Arrive 9:00am for 9:30am start.

As mentioned, I hope that the session will be a ‘sell out; so you are advised to sign up early. If I didn’t mention already, tickets are available here:

Hope to see you there.



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