#TuckShop / #MathsConf8

Saturday 24th September…

1 week until #MathsConf8. Things still to do: 1) Organise TuckShop

Off to Makro to purchase a wide selection of Sweets that will hopefully help raise funds for good causes. Car loaded. Job Done.


The foolish thing… To think that like previous #TuckShop I can leave in my car until next Saturday. Overnight:

#Tuckshop for MathsConf has been robbed !!


Having prepared a fantastic experience for next week’s MathsConf8, raising money for two fantastic causes, my car was broken into and TuckShop has been stolen. I have approx 15% left of what I started with.

7:30am I get the call that my car has been broken into. I go out side to see passenger rear window smashed and glass in the road. 1 call to Leicestershire Police later, I have an incident number. Since there is no CCTV and I don’t know who did it, someone will call me later to give a Crime reference number and the case is closed.

I took to Twitter to explain #TuckShop is no more. Some very kind people offered to help where they could. I setup a Just Giving Page: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/TuckShopMathsConf8?utm_id=60&utm_term=9GJ3d6E8w/

The aim: Raise money to re-stock TuckShop and make sure there is money left over for good causes. We are well on our way to restoring my faith in the kindness of others. Twitter has been so kind and the generosity of a number of Maths Teachers is overwhelming. This short Blog is is a way to say a massive “Thanks” to all of those that have already donated and (for those that can’t attend) a way to contribute towards TuckShop at MathsConf. Since TuckShop raises money for good causes your help and support is much appreciated.

TuckShop also helps Inspire, Educate and Enrich the experiences of teachers and students.

As I said before, I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and support of Twitter and hope that I can only inspire others that when all looks lost that the one thing we have is each other. I can only hope that this is the BEST #TuckShop EVER !!!



3 thoughts on “#TuckShop / #MathsConf8

  1. Hello, may sound a tad odd but do you remember the 2 ladies on the train from Birmingham a few weeks ago? You were kind enough to donate 2 rubik’s cubes. Well after you told us about the tuck shop break in I said I would like to donate in exchange. I see though that the page for just giving has expired. I would then like to still donate to the cause – which charity was it and I will make sure I do this. Good to meet you and hope your new job is going well.


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