Plickers Ambassador

I have just completed an online Webinar with @Plickers for their Ambassador program. The first group (50 of us in the session) were the first to complete such a session and I am sure that many more people will get involved with the use of Plickers in their classroom. We (and I am talking about those in the session) had an overview of what is involved, looked at the “Benefits and Responsibilities” of what it means to be an ambassador, a look at their Community FAQs, my favourite part was a look into the future of features being added and also making new connections on Twitter.

The “Mission” is to enable teachers to lead and inspire and assist in other teachers getting the most out of Plickers in the classroom. For some, that might mean introducing them to Plickers and how it might be used. I am sure that once teachers can see how successful it could be and the reporting information for AFL then it will take no convincing. The exciting bit is that the Plickers developers want to keep most of the features free and available to ALL.

One of the reasons I wanted to be involved is that I get to interact on Social Media… Twitter I will be back soon with more FF. I am hoping to spread the “word” of Plickers and help others discover through their online community how to get the most out of a fantastic free resource. It does take some time to get routines in your classroom but my new Year 10 are getting there so there is hope for all out there !!

Another thing about the Ambassador Program that I find appealing is testing the Betas. Having worked in IT before teaching I like clicking every button to see what it does. I am hoping not to break it too much but I can’t promise !!!

I sent Nic an email as I look forward to my Certificate (framing that on my noticeboard) and also hope to be able to show off my Tshirt at #MathsConf8 … (Assuming the delivery person can get it there on time) and I can run #Tuckshop wearing it !!

You might even see my excitement at the thought of a badge !! I am not sure if this is electronic or physical but we all know I like a badge or two !!! I will hopefully share some of the images etc when I get my email from Nic so watch this space. There are people far better at YouTube videos etc but you may even see me post these at some point in the future.

In case you’ve never come across Plickers, check out their website

and Follow @Plickers on Twitter.

The site is constantly getting better and if you’ve not checked out the Reports Pages then you need to ask yourself what you have been doing !!!

Well this is my first blog post in a while so I am hoping to write more regularly.





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